• Teaching The Power of Now Audio Books In The Classroom

    In today’s post we’re going to take you to Lilongwe, Malawi, where we’re pleased to announce some excite new developments in the educational curriculum there.

    Thanks to a grant from the United Nations Children’s Education Fund, The Lilongwe Girls Secondary School in Malawi was able to provide a life-changing program for the students there.

    Exploring The Power Of Now

    The program was centered around the principles and meditations explored throughout Eckhart Tolle’s bestselling book The Power of Now. The book, by world-reknowned author Eckhart Tolle, is famous for providing a practical overview of applying Buddhist concentration and thought practices, such as meditation, ...

  • Language Exchange Programs Now Available

    language exchangeWe’re pleased to announce that we have a new partnership with several schools across Latin America to provide immersion language learning opportunities for those who are interested!

    The new program will begin in March of 2016, and we will be accepting applications for students through the end of January 2016. Please contact Mike, at for more information and to request an application.


    Why Do a Language Exchange

    Language exchange programs are an important educational tool if you’re serious about mastering a second or third language. The only way to truly develop fluency ...

  • Technology Month Workshops Across Africa

    technology workshopAs many of you know, November is the official technology education month in many countries across Africa. To celebrate this month, many schools offer programs designed to increase technological education and empower youth to succeed by leveraging the reach of the internet.

    While many individuals in developing nations continue to lack access to computers and basic technology, for millions of other students this is an opportunity to learn how they can use the materials they do have access to in order to better their lives and those of their families, communities, ...