Teaching The Power of Now Audio Books In The Classroom

In today’s post we’re going to take you to Lilongwe, Malawi, where we’re pleased to announce some excite new developments in the educational curriculum there.

Thanks to a grant from the United Nations Children’s Education Fund, The Lilongwe Girls Secondary School in Malawi was able to provide a life-changing program for the students there.

Exploring The Power Of Now

The program was centered around the principles and meditations explored throughout Eckhart Tolle’s bestselling book The Power of Now. The book, by world-reknowned author Eckhart Tolle, is famous for providing a practical overview of applying Buddhist concentration and thought practices, such as meditation, to a modern world, helping individuals to reduce stress and improve performance by focusing their attention on the present moment.

For this project, the students listed to recordings of the audiobook, and the practiced going through different types of meditations in order to center their focus.

In a city that is plagued with extreme poverty, this is not a typical course for students to have access to, but the program proved to be especially powerful for these bright young women. Here’s an example of one of the meditations the students worked through during the project:

You can visit freeaudiobookguide.com for an audio download of this meditation along with the book.

Although The Power of Now was originally targeted towards a moderately affluent Western demographic, the teachings in it can be applied in a variety of situations.

The premise was that these students, perhaps even more-so than their Western counterparts, could benefit from the ability to improve their concentration and study habits by learning to focus in on the moment at hand. When the program was completed, the young women demonstrated an increased ability for immediate recall, as well as improved concentration for the first week after the course.

lilongwe girls school

Results beyond the first week have not yet been conducted, but the promises are great, as local school leaders look to expand the offering to other schools in the city.

You can learn more about the Lilongwe Girls School on their Facebook page.


Language Exchange Programs Now Available

language exchangeWe’re pleased to announce that we have a new partnership with several schools across Latin America to provide immersion language learning opportunities for those who are interested!

The new program will begin in March of 2016, and we will be accepting applications for students through the end of January 2016. Please contact Mike, at mike@almajal-omulibya.com for more information and to request an application.


Why Do a Language Exchange

Language exchange programs are an important educational tool if you’re serious about mastering a second or third language. The only way to truly develop fluency is to live in a place where you speak the language actively, every day.

While this can feel intimidating if you’re just beginning to learn a language, it also provides a great opportunity to see what you’re made of and get out of the box, so to speak.

For our program, all of the educational and living costs are covered by our partner schools, meaning that students only need to pay for their transportation to the country, and there are a number of scholarships available for those who need financial assistance to participate in the program.

Our Partner Schools and Countries

medellin colombia spanish classesThere is an opportunity available for two students to learn Spanish in Colombia through http://ecohostelmedellin.com. This school is located just an hour outside of Medellin, in the mountainous region of Antioquia. This is an excellent opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a language at the same time. Paola, the owner and instructor, speaks English, French, and Spanish, so this is a good chance for those students from French speaking countries whose English isn’t perfect to learn Spanish in a casual and rural setting.

mexico city spanish classesThere is also an opportunity available for four students to take Spanish classes in Mexico City with the Frida school. This is a world-reknowned program in the heart of the historic DF. Mexico City is home to thousands of years of history, and is one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

Students will be able to see great architecture and learn about a variety of Mexican traditional and contemporary cultures while the study.

For more information on either of these programs, contact mike@almajal-omulibya.com!

Technology Month Workshops Across Africa

technology workshopAs many of you know, November is the official technology education month in many countries across Africa. To celebrate this month, many schools offer programs designed to increase technological education and empower youth to succeed by leveraging the reach of the internet.

While many individuals in developing nations continue to lack access to computers and basic technology, for millions of other students this is an opportunity to learn how they can use the materials they do have access to in order to better their lives and those of their families, communities, and societies.

The focus of many of this month’s programs wasn’t just on computing, but how to use technology to combat pressing social issues.

Computers and Health

For example, students in Western Africa discussed how creating a network among communities could help stop future outbreaks of Ebola. Last year, the world saw the widest and fastest spreading Ebola outbreak in history, and many poor West-African nations were the hardest hit.

Students were encouraged to think about how a simple and inexpensive system that leveraged technology could act as an early warning prevention system, as well as a health education system about how best to treat and deal with those infected. Some countries, including Sierra Leon, are still suffering from small outbreaks.

These workshops were based off of the September micro-technology and health summit in South Africa.

Computer Science Education

Students in many programs were introduced to basic coding skills, through organizations such as Code Camp and Coding Rookie, which offers resources for students to learn a variety of programming languages, including basic information on getting started with Ruby, a popular program language, and free trial offers for Code School and other introductory educational resources.

Technology and the Environment

intro to computersIn other areas, students talked about how simple technological improvements, such as water preservation technology and even simple well systems, could help their countries combat increasing worries about sustained droughts.

Many countries across Africa, including Kenya, one of the continent’s most prosperous regions, have seen their seasons change dramatically over the last decade. In some areas, traditional patterns of 2-dry and 2-wet seasons have seen the second wet season dry up, having a huge impact on agricultural production and access to clean drinking water.

For more information, you might want to read this article on the state of education in Africa.

Traditional Dance Program

Here’s one example of the types of programs that we coordinate with our members. This is a traditional African dance performed at one of our events last fall.

I hope you enjoy the stunning display of color, energy, and vibrancy that runs through the entire program!

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